Friendship’s Day!

Welcome to the second blog of Silly Daily Blogger. Today, as it is Friendship’s day,so I would like to write something about that.

Friendship’s Day, a day when we all appreciate our loved ones for standing stick and thin throughout our odds and evens in the equation of life.

Well,if you ask me,then I personally don’t belive in the concept of wishing “Happy Friendship Day” to anyone and everyone I know. I don’t find the necessity to wish everyone and those few who really matter,they already know what their existence means to me and my life. I am so so so thankful for them being in my life.

I don’t want to write a lot about this and so here comes the end of this blog. Let’s meet tomorrow with some other silly daily stuffs.

Love Love

Silly Daily Blogger

Silly Daily Blogs

Hello there!

Let me first introduce my self- Ohh Ohh,but I want to hide my name. So,what should I do now? How should I introduce myself?? Hmmmm…

So,starting off- I am a 21 years old person(not revealing my gender though) who wants to explore the unexplored part of the heart and that is this secretive nature of mine.

Honestly,I have always been very free and open with anyone and everyone. Little did I know that someone I’ll hide my identity to discover myself.

Well,starting off with something is always an exciting journey. Let’s see what this journey of mine takes me to..

It’s not that I’ll be hiding my identity forever. I will reveal my identity,just not now. Let me discover myself first. And if you all like me in my discovering phase,I will surely reveal who I am.

Love Love

Silly Daily Blogger